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OH the holiday season just has me feeling so festive! I love to decorate for the holidays, I love the music, I love the tree, I love the parties! Oh the parties, so much fun!

I was chatting with some of the other Mistresses this week about their favorite holiday traditions. I have to say, some of them sound rather FUN! One Mistress enjoyed putting large candy canes in a graduated line on a long board for her sluts to have a pegging contest. How much fun is THAT! All of those candy canes going from short to tall, each one being sat upon by a horny fuck puppet, aching for their hole to be filled. And whoever makes it to the end gets a special treat… her holiday strap-on! Now that’s a game I could definitely get into playing.

Another Mistress enjoyed using a giant 3″ diameter candy cane as her strap-on, making her sluts suck it and deep throat it, just like it were a cock. Doesn’t that sound delicious?! What could be better than a sweet suck of your Mistress’ cock?  Only one thing that could make that any better, and that is if her lover were to shoot his load on it and THEN have it sucked. Candy-coated cum!

As for me, I enjoy both of those fun party games, as well as some of my own. I like decorating my sissies in holiday splendor. Makeup, glitter, flashy clothes and of course frilly skirts.  Sexy stockings and shoes as well! Perhaps we could get you dressed up like this and then take you to the Mistress party to play some holiday games? Now that sounds like fun to me!

The 2nd Days of Decadence free call offer starts this morning at 2am. If you are lucky, maybe you will find me on for calls then and we can explore some holiday fun!