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I have had some of the most fun phone sex calls this week, but I must say that all it has done is just reinforce the idea that as soon as you guys get a hard cock, all other common sense goes right out the door.

Men think with their penis, not with their brain.

One such session this week came from a man that we’ll just call John. Now, John was excited to call and tell me all about his girlfriend, who it turns out is quite the smart lady. Not that that’s really a surprise, because it is well known that women are much more intelligent than men, but it seems that in this instance his girlfriend was so much more aware than he was that it almost made him look quite stupid.

Some men will go to any lengths to keep a woman they want.

He started off by telling me how much his girlfriend loves him giving her oral sex. Of course, he rarely gets to have actual intercourse with her, but she loves having him pleasure her with his mouth. He then went on to say how she has put him in a chastity device so that he can’t get hard anytime that he wants to, and that once he’s in this chastity device she’s put implements in it that make it very painful for him to get an erection, thereby thwarting any other urges for him to get hard.

There is always a method behind the madness…

Then came the blockbuster revelation… he told me that his girlfriend has another (female) friend that is a urologist, and that she had made an appointment for him to go in and talk about actual permanent testicular removal. I laughed and told him that this was obviously completely unnecessary in a normal situation, and that she was manipulating him into being her eunich cuckold. He of course protested and said that was not the case at all, that she was simply concerned about his health and well-being. I couldn’t help but laugh. Especially when he went on to say that a psychiatrist would have had to have been involved in the conversation in order for him to even consider having it done. I said, let me guess…. she also has a friend that is a psychiatrist that offered see you as well? Of course, the answer was yes.

Different strokes for different folks. Literally.

It is amazing to me how this man could be so naive as to the situation that he has himself in. But, on the bright side, he seems completely content at being a chastity cuckold and being under the complete control of the Mistress he adores. Isn’t it wonderful for everyone who finds himself in that situation!

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