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I have had quite the week of sissies and crossdressers. I guess it’s because Halloween has all of you with your panties in a ruffle?

Sissies and crossdressers like to be lifesize dolls.

I think that a lot of you sissies make it a point to go out of town for work on overnight trips, because it’s then that you call and can spend all evening getting dressed up by your Mistress. I had one such call this week, where one of my sissy sluts couldn’t wait to get checked in to her hotel so that I could being her marvelous makeover. 

You have to start off with a good foundation.

First things first, we had to go shopping. And I don’t mean online, either, I mean actual shopping at the store while she was on her cell phone with me. Since she couldn’t really leave the house with her supplies, we had to get everything when she was finally in town for business. Makeup, panties, bra, skirt, stockings, sex toys, all of it. Once we had everything it was back to the hotel for the transformation!

Real life Barbie doll for Mistress to dress up.

Doing phone sex calls on Skype means I can watch you while you perform the tasks I instruct. This meant I could watch her while she put on her makeup, then her clothing, and then played with the new realistic dildo she bought at the sex shop. Giving exact instructions while I watched her made it so much fun for the both of us. If you haven’t had an experience like that or a session with your Mistress like that, then you are definitely missing out. I would love to have you as my next plaything!